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This site is an up-to-date bibliographical source covering work in the area of vocabulary acquisition in a second language. It is maintained by Paul Meara and the Vocabulary Acquisition Research Group at Swansea University. We are glad to hear from people whose work we have overlooked, especially if you can send us a copy of your work. If your work isn't in this list, it's because we don't know about it.




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The earliest entries now go back continuously to 1907.

Try our new Chinese Sources page here.

You can now enter multiple search terms in the search box. For example, if you enter SCHMITT VOCABULARY TEST then VARGA will return all the papers that contain these three words in their title, or in their abstract. If you enter LAUFER 1990, then VARGA will return a list of papers by Batia Laufer published in 1990.
if you type In: 2019 you will get a list of book chapters published in 2019. Be imaginative with your queries!

By default, VARGA includes abstracts in its report. You can suppress these abstracts by clicking the HIDE button on the Report page.

If you have trouble finding the work of people with accents in their names, try entering the names without accents: e.g. instead of entering Jiménez Catalán try Jimenez Catalan.

Unfortunately, for reasons of copyright, we cannot supply copies of all the papers listed here. You will however find a small selection in the Lognostics Virtual Library

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