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Welcome to the _lognostics Home Page

This site is designed to provide access to up to date research tools for people working in the field of Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition. The site is maintained by Paul Meara.

Five sets of pages are available:

VARGA - the Vocabulary Acquisition Research Group Archive pages - provides a very large bibliographical resource, covering pretty much everything that has been written on vocabulary acquisition since 1970. It also includes some earlier work going back to 1915, but the coverage here is less complete. You can search the database and download abstracts for most of the entries.
The TOOLS pages contain a set of free software packages that you can use in your vocabulary acquisition research.
The VLIBRARY pages include copies of some interesting, but difficult to get hold of papers which you may also find useful in your research. You will find our latest working papers here.
The LABS pages contain some interesting ideas for research projects.
The MAPS page is a set of bibliometric maps for vocabulary research.



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